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Himawari patch

This patch fixes an issue with the PC remake of Himawari where the audio does not loop seamlessly due to missing loop data. The loop data has been extracted from the PS Vita version and packaged as a patch. There is also an alternate version of the patch available that replaces the new remake music with the original music from the doujin game, which a lot of people prefer.

Instructions for use: in the case of the doujin BGM patch, extract the zip file, then place the resulting file into your Himawari installation directory.

Update: MangaGamer has now released an updated version of Himawari that fixes the issue with the BGM looping. If you have that version and you already downloaded the doujin BGM patch, you'll need to rename "" to "" for the doujin music to loop properly, or just re-download it below.

Doujin BGM restoration patch (99 MB) or BGM fix patch (3 KB)

Yell at @witchcapture if it's broken.